Rachel Comey: Vogue Patterns

Rachel Comey's Bowtie poplin top and Expedition printed pants (Vogue 1507), Spring 2015
Rachel Comey’s Bowtie top and Expedition printed trousers, Spring 2015 collection. Image: Instagram.

Last month, Rachel Comey celebrated her label’s 15-year anniversary with an outdoor presentation of unisex looks for Spring 2017. For home sewers, Comey’s ongoing licensing with Vogue Patterns has made her one to watch. Here’s a look at highlights of her patterns so far.

Dan Stevens in Rachel Comey's Pierrot dress, Pre-Fall 2013 - "Rachel" s1 e14
Dan Stevens in Rachel Comey’s Pierrot dress, High Maintenance, Season 1 (2014) Image: Instagram.

Born in Manchester, Connecticut, Rachel Comey (b. 1973) originally trained as a sculptor. After moving to New York, she consulted for Theory while designing clothes for local performers like Gogol Bordello—a connection that led her and the band to the Whitney Biennial. She launched her menswear collection in September, 2001, followed by women’s wear in 2004. Comey has developed a cult following for her footwear, prints, and general “bullshit-free kookiness.”

Courtney Love photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino in a men's lipstick print shirt by Rachel Comey
Courtney Love wears a men’s lipstick print shirt by Rachel Comey, The Face, April 2002. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Mondino. Image: eBay.
Ceramics-inspired Rachel Comey Stoneware print
Rachel Comey’s Stoneware print, inspired by Lena Beug’s ceramics. Image: Instagram.

Comey was introduced to home sewers in the February/March 2010 issue of Vogue Patterns magazine with two patterns, Vogue 1161 and 1170:

Rachel Comey article with V1161, Vogue Patterns, February/March 2010.
“Cutting edge: Rachel Comey,” Vogue Patterns, February/March 2010.
Rachel Comey article with V1170, Vogue Patterns, February/March 2010.
Vogue 1170 by Rachel Comey, Vogue Patterns, February/March 2010.

The originals showcase Comey’s leopard and man-with-umbrella prints, both from the Fall 2009 collection.

Leopard-print dress from Rachel Comey's Fall 2009 collection, as worn by Timoxa Timoschenko
A leopard-print dress from Rachel Comey’s Fall 2009 collection. Model: Timoxa Timoschenko. Image: vogue.com.

Powerhouse Vogue 1247 includes an A-line miniskirt and the Navigator top, a design that was produced over multiple seasons (available in the shop):

Rachel Comey Navigator top and skirt pattern Vogue 1247
Vogue 1247 by Rachel Comey (2011) Image: PatternVault shop.

Vogue 1298 is a pattern for Comey’s Tippet dress. (She also designed an open-backed Tippet top.) The Tippet is an apron dress with raised hem and straps drawn together in back:

Tippet apron dress pattern by Rachel Comey, Vogue 1298
Vogue 1298 by Rachel Comey (2012) Tippet dress.

The dress was shown in a different print in the Spring 2011 collection:

Mariana Santana wears Rachel Comey's Tippet dress on the Spring 2011 runway
Rachel Comey’s Tippet dress on the Spring 2011 runway. Model: Mariana Santana. Image: vogue.com.

Also from 2012, Vogue 1323 is a top and pants ensemble consisting of the Syndicate blouse and cuffed Saunter pant. The trousers were also produced in textured velvet and various prints:

Rachel Comey top and pants pattern Vogue 1323
Vogue 1323 by Rachel Comey (2012) Image: Etsy.
Alexandra Tretter in Rachel Comey Saunter pant, Fall 2011
Rachel Comey’s Saunter pant, Black Wood silk-wool print, Fall 2011 collection. Model: Alexandra Tretter. Image: vogue.com.
Bianca Luz in Rachel Comey's Saunter pant, Fall 2011
Rachel Comey’s Saunter pant in semi-sheer, textured velvet, Fall 2011 collection. Model: Bianca Luz. Image: vogue.com.

Vogue 1406, known as the Surveillance dress, has an asymmetrical neckline, back godet, and ruched waist detail:

Rachel Comey Surveillance dress pattern Vogue 1406
Vogue 1406 by Rachel Comey (2014) Image: eBay.

Here’s the original star-print Surveillance dress on the Fall 2013 runway:

Rachel Comey's star-print Surveillance dress, Fall 2013
Rachel Comey’s Surveillance dress, Fall 2013 collection. Image: vogue.com

Comey’s batwing Wades dress is available as Vogue 1482. The diagonal front seam conceals a pocket:

Rachel Comey Wades dress pattern Vogue 1482
Vogue 1482 by Rachel Comey (2016) Image: PatternVault shop.
Rachel Comey's Wades dress, Spring 2015
Rachel Comey’s Wades dress, Spring 2015 collection. Image: vogue.com.

From the same collection, Vogue 1507 includes the Bowtie top and slim Expedition pants with an asymmetrical front closure:

Rachel Comey Bowtie top and Expedition pants pattern Vogue 1507
Vogue 1507 by Rachel Comey (2015) Image: Etsy.
Rachel Comey's Bowtie top and pants, Spring 2015
Rachel Comey’s Bowtie top and Expedition pants, Spring 2015 collection. Image: vogue.com.

Vogue 1501 is a pattern for the Delane dress, a sleeveless, mock two-piece dress with pleating details. The original shows off Comey’s Collage print; the design was also produced with a contrast front bodice and in a single, solid colour:

Rachel Comey's Delane dress pattern Vogue 1501
Vogue 1501 by Rachel Comey (2016) Image: PatternVault shop.
Rachel Comey's Delane dress in solid navy
Navy Delane dress by Rachel Comey.

The latest Rachel Comey pattern is the long-sleeved Silt jumpsuit, Vogue 1523 (click to view in the shop):

Rachel Comey Silt jumpsuit pattern Vogue 1523
Vogue 1523 by Rachel Comey (2016) Image: PatternVault shop.

The Botanical-print Silt jumpsuit was part of the Fall 2015 collection’s closing look:

Rachel Comey jacket and Botanical print jumpsuit, Fall 2015
Rachel Comey Silt jumpsuit, Fall 2015 collection. Image: vogue.com.

Interestingly, Comey was quoted in the New York Times’ recent article on the McCall Pattern Company (“Needle, Thread, Instagram”):

The New York designer Rachel Comey has licensed her patterns to McCall since 2010, where they appear under the Vogue Patterns brand. She didn’t do it for the money. “I just like the tradition of it,” Ms. Comey said. “Sewing is a great craft. It’s exciting and confidence building. I wanted to support it.”

Now if only we could source those Rachel Comey prints…

Artist and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker at the White House in Rachel Comey's Surveillance dress
Artist and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker wears Rachel Comey’s Surveillance dress at the White House, 2015. Image: Instagram.

9 thoughts on “Rachel Comey: Vogue Patterns

  1. Rachel Comey has become my favourite designer, having been introduced to her label through Vogue patterns. Now I keep an eye on her collections which are a major source of inspiration. I hope that she continues to licence her designs for a long time to come.

  2. Comey are far and away my favorite Vogue designer patterns these days. I also follow her line for inspiration and really I’m too short for a lot of her RTW so I’m thrilled to have the patterns instead and I do buy her shoes.

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