Projects Gallery

Lyanna Stark costume (2014)
McCall's 6940 Game of Thrones costume (2014)
Lyanna Stark costume (preview)
Krizia playsuit
Krizia playsuit (1979)
30s coat pocket
1930s child’s coat
Givenchy dress by Alexander McQueen (1999)
1920s swimsuit
1920s swimsuit
Quaithe full length Vogue 2014 by Givenchy
Givenchy evening dress (1978)
Daenerys costume full length
Self-drafted Daenerys Targaryen costume
Vogue 1556 by Yves Saint Laurent, Knoll Toronto
Yves Saint Laurent dress (1966)
1920s evening wrap pattern Martial et Armand McCall 4455
Martial et Armand evening wrap (1926)
McCall 4464 Chanel 1920s evening dress
Chanel evening dress (1926)
Miler Soeurs cape (1926)
N sm2
Patou dress (1926)
Vogue Patterns, June/July 2011. Photo: Jon Thorpe.
Yves Saint Laurent wedding dress (1996)

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