Patterns in Vogue

Editorial photography featuring sewing patterns in Vogue magazine.

VogueUK Jan 1998 Givenchy

Angela Lindvall by Paolo Roversi (1998)

Guinevere Van Seenus photographed by Mario Testino, 1997

Clean Cuts – Guinevere Van Seenus and Amber Valetta by Mario Testino (1997)

Basketball player Rebecca Lobo photographed by Michel Comte, 1997

Rebecca Lobo by Michel Comte (1997)


It’s a Long Story… Nadja Auermann and Kylie Bax by Mario Testino (1996)

Steven Meisel / Camilla Nickerson editorial featuring Stella Tennant, spring 1996

Spare Change – Stella Tennant by Steven Meisel (1996)

Arthur Elgort / Grace Coddington editorial featuring Stella Tennant, fall 1995

High-Toned Tweeds – Stella Tennant by Arthur Elgort (1995)

Nick Knight's surveillance editorial featuring Kate Moss, 1995

Courrèges Edge – Kate Moss by Nick Knight (1995)

Linda Evangelista by Nick Knight, 1994

The Leather Forecast – Linda Evangelista by Nick Knight (1994)

Kate Moss by Juergen Teller, 1994

Red Hot – Kate Moss by Juergen Teller (1994)

Winona Ryder by Ellen von Unwerth, 1993

Winona Ryder by Ellen von Unwerth (1993)

The Great Plain - Coddington / Unwerth

The Great Plain by Ellen von Unwerth (1993)


Grace Coddington at 80 (1990/91)

André Leon Talley von Unwerth editorial holiday 1990

Romantic Gestures by Ellen von Unwerth (1990)

Polar Effects by Hans Feurer (1990)

"Seeing Spots" 7054 Women's robe and shorts (1987) "Additional information: shorten shorts."

Peter Lindbergh, 1944–2019 (1989/90)

Vogue Nov 1988 Hot Prospects

Anna Wintour (1988/89)

Geoffrey Beene Career airport editorial by Denis Piel (1986)

On the Move by Denis Piel (1986)

Bert Stern, V1651 by YSL, V1654 by Ungaro in Vogue November 1985

Ariane Koizumi by Bert Stern (1985)

Bert Stern, V1651 by YSL, V1654 by Ungaro in Vogue November 1985

Striking Gold by Deborah Turbeville (1979)

Gia in Versace, 1979

Gia Carangi in Versace (1979)

Gia Carangi by Andrea Blanch (1978–79)

The Insiders - Chris von Wangenheim, 1974

The Insiders by Chris von Wangenheim (1974)

Ann Schaufuss photographed by Clive Arrowsmith, 1970

Ann Schaufuss by Clive Arrowsmith (1970)

Anjelica Huston by Richard Avedon (1969)

Celia Hammond photographed by David Bailey, 1968

Celia Hammond by David Bailey (1968)

Marisa Berenson by Guy Bourdin, 1966

Marisa Berenson by Guy Bourdin (1966)

Lauren Hutton by Gianni Penati, 1966

Lauren Hutton / Warhol’s Silver Clouds (1966)


Where There’s Sun There’s Silk by Helmut Newton (1966)

Brigitte Bauer by Gordon Parks, 1965

Brigitte Bauer by Gordon Parks (1965)

Beach jumpsuit pattern photo by Brian Duffy, 1965

Pattie Boyd by Brian Duffy (1965)

Françoise Rubartelli in Vogue, January 1965. Photo: Franco Rubartelli

Jumpsuits and the Rubartellis (1965)

Beachwear pattern photo by Helmut Newton, 1964

Helmut Newton at the Beach (1964)

Vogue 1220

Pyjama Game by Gene Laurents (1963)

Dorothea McGowan in Vogue, May 1, 1960

Pillow Talk by Leombruno-Bodi (1960)

Paris, je t’aime (1949–50)

One thought on “Patterns in Vogue

  1. I love your website and was really happy to find this entry. I remember see some of these in real time after I subscribed to Vogue in the 80s. I was often impressed by the relative simplicity of the chosen silhouette that contrasted with the high impact of garment and presentation. The metallic coat Winona Ryder wore is still on my sewing list and I’ll be taking a closer look at the components of the mini wardrobes. Thank you for the trip down memory lane and beyond!

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