Preview: Lyanna Stark Costume – McCall’s 6940

Stark pin

This Halloween I went as Lyanna Stark. Full post to come when I’ve had the chance to do a real photo shoot…

If you’d like to see a preview, I used a commercial pattern, McCall’s 6940, so was eligible to enter McCall’s Halloween costume contest. You can find my photos here.

McCall's 6940 with White Walker mini figurine

If you’re on Facebook, you can view and vote for the entries on McCall’s Facebook page. (The entries are divided into 3 categories: adult, children’s, and infants/toddlers.)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

4 thoughts on “Preview: Lyanna Stark Costume – McCall’s 6940

  1. Happy to be of service; it is a fine costume. This is my first Halloween without making someone I gave birth to a costume. The cosplay and con’s during the year sort of make up for that, but STILL!

    1. Thanks, SJ! I was lucky to have more time than usual for my Halloween costume this year: I’d finished Naomi’s costume in time for our first con in the summer. But more on that later 😉

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