More Bob Mackie Patterns

Cher in Bob Mackie on the cover of TIME magazine, 1975
Cher in Bob Mackie, TIME magazine, March 17, 1975. Photo: Richard Avedon. Image: TIME.

Speaking of Bob Mackie, I found some more Bob Mackie patterns from McCall’s.

Unhelpfully for collectors, vintage designer patterns were sometimes printed without the name on the envelope. This is the case with three Bob Mackie patterns, which were released earlier than those in my first Bob Mackie post. Like the other Mackie patterns, these three are also for stretch knits.

McCall’s 6575 and 6576 are slinky, disco halter dresses:

1970s Bob Mackie dress pattern - McCall's 6575
McCall’s 6575 by Bob Mackie (1979) Image: PatternVault shop.
1970s Bob Mackie dress pattern - McCall's 6576
McCall’s 6576 by Bob Mackie (1979) Image: PatternVault shop.

McCall’s 6577 is a pattern for a disco coverup, bodysuit, skinny pants, and handkerchief skirt. The contrast sash is also included:

1970s Bob Mackie pattern McCall's 6577
McCall’s 6577 by Bob Mackie (1979) Image: PatternVault shop.

Contemporary buyers would have ordered these designs from a catalogue complete with photos and the Bob Mackie logo, like this counter catalogue from September 1979 (click to enlarge):

McCall's 6600 by DD Dominick and McCall's 6575 by Bob Mackie in McCall's catalogue, September 1979
Designs by DD Dominick and Bob Mackie in McCall’s catalogue, September 1979. Image: eBay.
Bob Mackie patterns McCall's 6577 and 6576 in McCall's catalogue for September 1979
Bob Mackie designs in McCall’s catalogue, September 1979. Image: eBay.

Make with strategically placed sequins for the full Cher effect…

6 thoughts on “More Bob Mackie Patterns

  1. The genius of Bob Mackie’s costume designs for Carol Burnett and Cher and other TV shows doesn’t get enough recognition. He got the script just days before they were needed. The comedy skits showed that he really knew his history and the American audience. He was responsible for the best costume joke of all time: the Gone with The Wind dress made of green velvet curtains on the Carol Burnett Show — he didn’t write the line, “I saw it in the window and I just couldn’t resist it,” but he included the curtain rod and the hat made of fringe..

  2. I made McCall’s 6575! I made it out of a gold, glittery poly fabric. It was the bomb! I danced the night away in the dress. It was borrowed and never returned. The best form of flattery đŸ™‚

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