Angeleen on the cover of Vogue UK, February 1974
Angeleen Gagliano on the cover of British Vogue, February 1974. Photo: Norman Parkinson. Image: Alice Mary Barnes.

Southern beauty queen and model Angeleen Gagliano (1950-2009) is a familiar face to vintage pattern aficionados. Born Angelina Marie Gagliano, she was also a keen equestrian—she is the model in Chris von Wangenheim’s circa 1975 series Untitled (Woman with horse). (It’s her horse. See prints at Christie’s and Staley-Wise Gallery.) Her son, Jason Storch, has posted a short bio here.

Angeleen Gagliano in Vogue 1315 by Bill Blass, Vogue Patterns retail catalogue, February 1976. Image: eBay.

Angeleen did a lot of work for Simplicity, McCall’s, and especially Vogue Patterns in the mid-1970s. Here she is on the cover of a Very Easy Vogue catalogue:

Vogue catalogue March 1976
Very Easy Vogue Patterns catalogue, March 1976. Image: eBay.

Angeleen can be seen on some of the earliest Vogue patterns from Sonia Rykiel, Chloé, and Calvin Klein:

1970s Sonia Rykiel pattern, Vogue 1379
Vogue 1379 by Sonia Rykiel (1976) Image: Vintage Patterns Wiki.
Vogue 1424 by Chloé
Vogue 1424 by Chloé (1976)
1970s Calvin Klein pattern, Vogue 1369
Vogue 1369 by Calvin Klein (1976) Image: Etsy.

Here she models Halston’s spiral-cut dress for McCall’s (see Dustin’s recent post on this pattern here):

1970s Halston pattern featuring Angeleen, McCall's 5103
McCall’s 5103 by Halston (1976) Image: Make Mine Vogue.

My personal favourite patterns featuring Angeleen are the ones for ’70s evening wear, like these designs from Balmain and Lanvin:

Vogue 1218 by Pierre Balmain
Vogue 1218 by Pierre Balmain (1975) Image: Vintage Patterns Wiki.
Vogue 1147 by Lanvin
Vogue 1147 by Lanvin (1975) Image: Vintage Patterns Wiki.

See youthquaker’s blog and facebook for more photos of Angeleen from British Vogue. Thanks to Jason Storch for his assistance.

12 thoughts on “Angeleen

  1. I’ve known the face for quite a while, but never knew the name. When a model is known by her first name it usually means that she made it! She modelled for many of my favourite patterns from the 1970’s, I’m a fan of all those pictured above. It’s sad to hear that Angeleen is no longer around.

  2. I would like to get the contact details of Angeleen Gagliano’s son Jason Storch. I knew his mother briefly and would like to pass on some information.
    Regards, Margaret Sexton

      1. Hi there! Is there a way I can get Peter’s email from you? He said he left it. Would love to hear more about my half-sister from him… thanks so much!

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Would love to know any stories about Angie. Found out recently she is my half sister. Sad that she has passed before I got to meet her. Have met a lot of the other siblings though- there are 10 of us total. (we all share the same father)

      1. Hi Dana
        I met Angeleen in 1981 in Melbourne Australia … I had just moved into a place and she was living in a house directly opposite we soon became friends because of our mutual interest in horses, She was a fantastic horsewoman, she had a special gift with them and I bred and raced thoroughbreds, just like Michaelangelo …. anyway, we started dating … we fell in love and had three or so wonderful years together. .. I contacted Jason a few years back and sent him lots of photos including these Vogue Pattern shots and told him about his Mums time with me in Australia. .. If you like to hear about that period in her life, I would be glad to share with you. I have left my email address with this blog and I am happy for them to pass it on. Regards Peter

  3. I went to school with Angie, and have been trying to locate her for years. So sorry to hear she passed away. She spent many of days and nights with my family, when she was on the outs with her step dad, Frank. Would love to know more. I loved her dearly!

    1. Diane,
      I recently found out Angie is my half sister. Have been in touch with Jason and others, as well as brother Mark and gotten some stories about her. Also Peggy the oldest sister (turns out there are 10 of us Gaglianos) Anyway, would love to hear more.

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