Maud Adams

Maud Adams and Roger Moore - Octopussy poster detail

How many pattern models can say they’ve been a Bond girl? Since the Toronto International Film Festival is underway, this instalment in my models series focuses on Swedish model-turned-actor Maud Adams, whose film credits include The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), Rollerball (1975), and Octopussy (1983). (To see the other series posts, click the ‘models’ tag below.)

Before getting into film acting in the 1970s, former Miss Sweden Maud Adams (née Wikström, b. 1945), worked as a model in Paris and New York for publications including Vogue, McCall’s, and Vogue Patterns. McCall’s 1044 sees her modelling a check suit by Laird-Knox:

Maud Adams models a Sixties suit pattern by Laird-Knox, McCall's 1044
McCall’s 1044 by Laird-Knox (1968) Image: Vintage Patterns Wiki.

Maud Adams appears on many Vogue designer patterns of the later ’60s, such as this one for a dress by Patou:

Maud Adams models on the cover of Vogue 1809 by Patou
Vogue 1809 by Patou (1967) Image: Vintage Patterns Wiki.

Here she wears a dress and matching scarf by James Galanos:

Maud Adams models Vogue 2004 by James Galanos
Vogue 2004 by James Galanos (1968) Image: Stitches and Loops.

And here Adams models the maxi version of Vogue 1847, a fabulous halter dress by Pierre Cardin:

Maud Adams modelling a 1960s Pierre Cardin maxi dress pattern, Vogue 1847
Vogue 1847 by Pierre Cardin (1967) Image: Etsy.

Maud Adams also appears on several late Sixties covers of Vogue Pattern Book. Here’s a selection:

Maud Adams on the cover of Vogue Pattern Book, Aug/Sept 1967
Vogue Pattern Book, August/September 1967. Image: eBay.
Maud Adams on the cover of Vogue Pattern Book, Feb/Mar 1968
Vogue Pattern Book, February/March 1968. Image: eBay.
Maud Adams on the cover of Vogue Pattern Book, August/September 1968
Vogue Pattern Book, August/September 1968. Image: flickr.

6 thoughts on “Maud Adams

  1. I love learning more about the models and illustrators on these fabulous patterns. Since I have thousands I see the same faces and art over and over but it’s hard to find out much about them. Now I know about Ms. Adams I’ll look for her and give credit when I can.

  2. look at those lashes in the last photo. I’m new to the “history” of a pattern’s design but it seems like many famous models and actresses started off on a pattern.

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