Sixth Blogiversary + Poll

Butterick 3110 jumpsuit, Butterick catalogue, June 1980
Butterick 3110 jumpsuit, Butterick catalogue, June 1980.

The PatternVault blog turns six today. To celebrate, I’m doing something a little different—I’m hosting a giveaway linked to a poll:

Vogue 2366 by Bill Kaiserman. Vogue patterns catalogue, April 1980
Vogue 2366 by Bill Kaiserman. Vogue Patterns catalogue, April 1980.

To enter the giveaway: (1) Vote in the poll, and (2) Comment to let me know you voted. The winner, chosen at random, will win one $25 CAD gift certificate for the PatternVault Etsy shop.

Poll closes Monday, July 17th. Poll results and winner will be announced Tuesday, July 18th.

With thanks to Elizabeth C., who made sure the two 1980 retail catalogues pictured reached me all the way from Amherst, Massachusetts!

49 thoughts on “Sixth Blogiversary + Poll

  1. Thanks for the shout-out about the catalogs, I am so glad they made it to you! I really love all of your posts, actually, and always learn something new.

  2. voted, I love reading about the designers; learn so much with each new post. And the images of models who are later household names is fascinating.

  3. Voted! I love to know more about the designers but I’m interested in all the other things too so it was a tough choice 🙂

  4. I wanted to vote for all of them. I do especially love the behind the scenes stories and photos.

  5. I wanted to vote for more than one as I love the style from other decades but your photos and illustrations are beautiful too.

  6. I love your histories but I also really enjoy seeing vintage couture designs (especially the tech drawings, which you don’t get for regular photoshoots)!

  7. I voted for the designer history – been sewing a very long time and I remember so many of the patterns you showcase.

  8. I voted. It was hard to choose just one response. I chose vintage nostalgia because I enjoy seeing the images of fashion, particularly from the 60s through the 80s. I guess that’s nostalgia for some of us! Thanks!

  9. Tough to choose; I love the images, but your in-depth knowledge and ability to identify the models and connect a series of patterns really engages me. Thanks for a great blog!

  10. I’ve voted for designers but couture styles from past decades comes a close second. Or even better vintage couture designers 😍

  11. The designers, but I honestly love all your posts. They are a highlight of the day, and I’ve tagged plenty I go back to over and over again. I got here courtesy of the Alexander McQueen pattern, but I’ve stayed for it all.

  12. Voted! The designers and the couture techniques, in that order. But sometimes I also love the beautiful pictures. I got here searching free designer patterns and I was hooked!

  13. I love the histories, like which designers were the faces behind which labels? But I really appreciate that you find out and give the model’s names too. Why should they be forgotten? The images would not be as powerful without them.

  14. I love the nostalgia I experience, the memories that I get from having lived through those wondrous days when we got dressed up. Miss them.

  15. Here’s hoping you go for another 6 years! I find all your blog posts fascinating but in the end I voted for the histories behind the designers – that gives a valuable context to the designs

  16. I voted – I love seeing the couture patterns. They may be from the past but they look elegant and beautiful to me!

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