Oliviero Toscani at 80

Extra-Carefree McCall's 4054 / 4055 with Carefree "Miracle Yard" McCall's 2001, in Wamsutta cotton batik - McCall's Carefree Fashion Catalog, Summer 1974
McCall’s Carefree Fashion Catalog, Summer 1974. Photo: Oliviero Toscani.

Happy 80th birthday to Oliviero Toscani! Before creating his famous Benetton campaigns, the Italian photographer shot this cover for McCall’s Carefree pattern book.

The model wears Extra-Carefree McCall’s 4054 / 4055 with the Carefree “Miracle Yard” pattern, McCall’s 2001, all in Wamsutta cotton batik. Inside, Toscani’s “Summertime” shows her in McCall’s 4052 in two versions: in Ameritex cotton and linen-look from Lawrence & Klauber.

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Patterns in Vogue: Moon-White Jumpsuits

Françoise Rubartelli (née Schluter) in hooded jumpsuit pattern Vogue 6376
Françoise Rubartelli in Vogue, January 1965. Photo: Franco Rubartelli. Image: Vogue Archive.

From Diana Vreeland’s Vogue, a mid-1960s Franco Rubartelli editorial featuring Françoise Rubartelli in two white jumpsuits made with Vogue patterns — or as Vogue puts it, “Two jumpsuit patterns with lean moon-shot lines, cut for action in pale moon-coloured jersey.”

I previously featured this Young Fashionables hooded jumpsuit in my Jill Kennington post, but American Vogue made it first, in Heller double-knit Celanese acetate:

Françoise Rubartelli photographed in an of-white jumpsuit by Franco Rubartelli, Vogue 1965
Jumpsuit Vogue 6376 in Vogue, January 1965. (Jantzen sandals.) Model: Françoise Rubartelli. Photo: Franco Rubartelli. Image: Vogue Archive.

The Courrèges-inspired two-piece jumpsuit uses two patterns for a tunic and custom-fit pants, both made up in Wamsutta Orlon double-knit jersey.

Françoise Rubartelli photographed by Franco Rubartelli in Vogue 6438 tunic and Vogue 6427 pants
Françoise Rubartelli in Vogue 6438 tunic and Vogue 6427 pants. (Doro scarf; Cobblers sandals.) Vogue, January 1965. Photo: Franco Rubartelli. Image: Vogue Archive.

Happy Labour Day!

Pattern images: mbchills, Sew As It Was Patterns, Vintage Pattern Wiki.