Lida Baday: McCall’s Patterns

Kim Renneberg photographed by George Whiteside in a Lida Baday turtleneck for the cover of Toronto Life FASHION, August/September 1996
Turtleneck by Lida Baday, Toronto Life FASHION, August/September 1996. Model: Kim Renneberg. Photo: George Whiteside. Image: FASHION.

In celebration of Canada Day, this post is devoted to Canadian fashion designer Lida Baday.

Lida Baday (b. 1957) was born to a dressmaker mother in Hamilton, Ontario. A graduate of Ryerson’s fashion design program, she worked for different companies in Toronto’s garment district before founding her own label in 1987. (Read bios here and here; see tear sheets here.) Baday soon won international success with her sophisticated, minimalist designs in luxurious fabrics such as wool jersey. Although her company closed its doors last year, The Fabric Room, which sells its surplus textiles, is still open to the public.

Kirsten Owen in the Lida Baday Fall 2011 ad campaign
Lida Baday Fall 2011 ad campaign. Model: Kirsten Owen. Image: Melatan Riden.

In the 1990s, Lida Baday designs were available through McCall’s patterns, beginning with two patterns in the November 1992 catalogue. McCall’s 6255 and 6257 are patterns for a skirt suit and separates including a flared, hooded coat:

1990s Lida Baday skirt suit pattern - McCalls 6255
McCalls 6255 by Lida Baday (1992) Image: eBay.
1990s Lida Baday coat, jacket, skirt and pants pattern - McCall's 6257
McCall’s 6257 by Lida Baday (1992) Image: PatternVault shop.

McCall’s 6855 is a pattern for a bolero and sleeveless sheath dress in two lengths. The longer version has a high slit with underlay:

1990s Lida Baday dress and bolero pattern - McCall's 6855
McCall’s 6855 by Lida Baday (1993) Image: Etsy.

McCall’s 8256 includes a long, double-breasted jacket, a short, cap-sleeved top, and wide-legged pants:

1990s Lida Baday pantsuit and top pattern - McCall's 8256
McCall’s 8256 by Lida Baday (1996) Image: Etsy.

This 1997 design for an oversized shirt, pants, and cropped leggings for stretch knits could be new today:

1990s Lida Baday pattern shirt, pants, and leggings pattern - McCall's 8740
McCall’s 8740 by Lida Baday (1997) Image: Etsy.

McCall’s 8823 is ’90s-minimalist perfection with its fitted tunic with narrow straps, slim pants, and low-backed, sleeveless dress with mock back wrap:

1990s Lida Baday dress, top, and pants pattern - McCall's 8823
McCall’s 8823 by Lida Baday (1997) Image: Etsy.

McCall’s 9371 includes a sleek halter top for stretch knits and a short, wrap skort:

1990s Lida Baday top, skort, jacket, and pants pattern - McCalls 9371
McCalls 9371 by Lida Baday (1998) Image: Etsy.

The long, stretch-knit dresses in McCall’s 9379 are both ’90s and classic:

1990s Lida Baday dress pattern - McCall's 9379
McCall’s 9379 by Lida Baday (1998) Image: PatternVault shop.

Just for fun, here are some more Fashion magazine covers featuring designs by Lida Baday:

Jenny Mac photographed in a Lida Baday dress and John Fluevog boots by George Whiteside for the cover of FASHION, Sept 1995
Lida Baday dress; John Fluevog boots. Fashion, September 1995. Model: Jenny Mac. Photo: George Whiteside. Image: FASHION.
Jessica Paré photographed by Gabor Jurina in a Lida Baday coat for the cover of FASHION, November 2004
Jessica Paré wears a Lida Baday coat, FASHION, November 2004. Photo: Gabor Jurina. Image: FASHION.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Lida Baday: McCall’s Patterns

  1. Happy Canada Day! That was as nice review. I remember when women in my mom’s circle all wanted one of LB’s long, colourful parkas with the fur trim. I quite like M8256 – might be one to acquire.

  2. I remember when her long fur-lined winter parkas were all the fashion. Occasionally I will see one in a thrift shop. I have only ever shopped at her Fabric Room once, and came away with some great fabrics.

  3. Thank you for your enlightening post – I had never heard of Lida Baday. Maybe because I stuck to Vogue Patterns back in the 90s.
    Ms Baday’s designs are totally in sync with what I liked to wear in the 90s. In those days, solid linen with an easy fit was my choice. Her patterns are classic and still beautiful.

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