Jennifer Connelly at 50

Jennifer Connelly as Princess Leia, McCall’s 7772 (1981)

Jennifer Connelly turned 50 this weekend.

Before she starred in films like Labyrinth (1986) and A Beautiful Mind (2001), Connelly was a child model. As confirmed in a contemporary children’s magazine, she played Princess Leia on McCall’s official Star Wars pattern.

Jenny Connelly and her portfolio in Dynamite magazine, May 1982
Jenny Connelly and her portfolio in Dynamite magazine, March 1982. Image: Click Americana.

Connelly can be seen on a handful of McCall’s patterns, as well as one or two Little Vogues from the early 1980s.

1980s McCall's "Make It Tonight" dress pattern no. 8010 featuring Jennifer Connelly
McCall’s 8010 (1982) Image: eBay.
1980s Very Easy Little Vogue bridesmaid pattern no. 1314 featuring Jennifer Connelly
Vogue 1314 (1984) Image: Vintage Pattern Wiki.

Happy birthday, Ms. Connelly!

Jennifer Connelly photographed by David Sims for Nicolas Ghesquière's Spring 2008 Balenciaga ad campaign
Jennifer Connelly in Nicolas Ghesquière’s Balenciaga Spring 2008 campaign. Photo: David Sims. Image: Pinterest.

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