Vogue Pattern Book Centenary

Winter Fashions (Vogue 7884) illustration on the cover of a 1920s Vogue Pattern Book
Vogue Pattern Book, December–January 1924–25. Illustration: Harriet Meserole. Image: Pinterest.

Did you know? The first issue of Vogue Pattern Book was published in 1920, making 2020 the hundredth anniversary of Vogue Patterns Magazine. Bonus points if you know that the original title was Vogue Pattern Quarterly.

Happy new year, everyone! All the best for 2021.

5 thoughts on “Vogue Pattern Book Centenary

  1. I miss Vogue Patterns Magazine. It was always my fashion magazine of choice. The fashions in VPM were always attainable. I receive the emails every time VP issues new patterns. It is not the same. I find myself turning less and less to VP when looking for something to sew. I wonder if the sale of VP has changed since the end of Vogue Patterns Magazine.

    1. Susan I know what you mean 😦 All I can do now is cherish the Vogue Patterns from the years that I have collected. They just aren’t made like they use to be. Many of the great pioneers have passed on. Having great memories of the past VP allows me to continue to embrace the future. Stay safe and well everyone. Happy New Year … FIESTA 🙂

  2. It is a shame the Big 4 have been reduced to what they are now through all those mergers and less than stellar managing of these heritage brands.

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