Sally Makes a Conquest

Make a dress -- me? McCall sewing 1939

My J.C. Penney’s copy of the January 1939 McCall Style News has this fantastic comic strip advertising J.C. Penney’s fabric department (click to magnify):

McCall J C Penney Co ad advert sewing advertising 1939 1930s

Four lessons I learned from this comic strip-advertisement:

  • Hapless blondes need the help of sensible brunettes;
  • Romantic/sexual/social conquests can be made through the power of sewing;
  • Home sewing leads to female homosocial harmony and shopping outings; and
  • Home sewing means money for new shoes!

A high resolution PDF copy of the January 1939 McCall Style News is now available in the shop:

McCall Style News January 1939 art deco pattern leaflet catalog

4 thoughts on “Sally Makes a Conquest

    1. Thanks! The comic is on the back of a McCall’s advertising booklet in my collection, originally given out to J.C. Penney’s customers. A business selling McCall’s patterns could have their booklets customized— so copies from other fabric shops have something else on the back.

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