4 thoughts on “In memoriam: Isabel Toledo

  1. Sarah thank you for very first drawing my attention to the designs of Isobel Toledo. At the time it was possible to find most of her Vogue patterns and I did so.. Her book describes a wonderful life , even with its ups and downs – a flair for living true to ones passion. I would have missed the captivating story of a consummate professional and lacked the knowledge gained from working her Vogue patterns had it not been for your feature on her collection, Angels will no doubt be learning a much more efficient method for making wings.

  2. Thanks for the link to the Vogue obit. Much appreciated. I love her Vogue patterns, they are timeless. Your blogs are always the best.

  3. When I heard the news of death, I immediately looked at your archives to read your post about her career and the Vogue patterns of her designs. Probably she was with Anne Klein so briefly that none of her designs were licensed by Vogue. I had no idea that she had designed for Lane Bryant. An amazing and varied career with such dedication to design. Thank you!

    1. Belated thanks for the reminder, Chris. I seem to remember looking into her time at Anne Klein and finding she designed a new, higher-end line not licensed with Vogue. Will have to double-check!

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