Fifth Blogiversary + Giveaway

1970s Valentino pattern Vogue 2227 detail
Image via PatternVault on Etsy.

The PatternVault blog turns five today. (It all started with my first post, on Alexander McQueen for Givenchy.) To celebrate my blogiversary, I’m hosting a giveaway of one $25 CAD gift certificate for the PatternVault Etsy shop.

1990s Anna Sui dress pattern Vogue 1619 detail
Image via PatternVault on Etsy.

To enter, leave a comment with your answer to the question: Of the designers who have licensed (or otherwise authorized) sewing patterns, which one is your favourite?

The giveaway closes Sunday, July 17th at midnight EDT. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, July 18th. Good luck!

Lagerfeld suit pattern Vogue 1719 detail w/ Kristen McMenamy
Image via PatternVault on Etsy.

40 thoughts on “Fifth Blogiversary + Giveaway

  1. I have enjoyed every single post! Thank you so much for authoring such an informative and fun blog!! Although I appreciate all the designers, my favorites remain (1) Diane von Furstenberg and (2) Calvin Klein. Both provided designs in the 70’s that I have been able to wear since they were published (even through all my size changes).

  2. My favorite designer is Ralph Rucci, who does an occasional style for Vogue. I’m choosing him because I think he is America’s greatest living fashion designer even though, alas, my shape and his creations don’t always go well together! I really enjoy Pattern Vault….keep it coming.

  3. Oh, I like Issy Miyake and I own a few patterns but I hardly ever make and more importantly wear them! So for sewing and wearing, it has to be Donna Karan (you can guess that I am a little upset…); so I went shopping at Vogue to grab as many DK patterns as I can before they become collectors’ items.
    Thanks for five years’ of insight, information and fabulous patterns – here’s to another five!

  4. Happy 5th anniversary! I found your blog earlier this year when I was obsessively researching the McQueen kimono. Still haven’t gotten the nerve up to sew it, but I’ve been enjoying your blog. I tend to like individual designs more than designers, and I have a huge soft spot for Issey Miyake’s sleeping bag coat.

  5. Happy Anniversary. My favorite designer is Yves Saint Laurent and I think Donna Karan came the closest to his imagination and construction.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I have so many favourites, but for now I’ll say Givenchy since that’s the last kind I bought. As for recent releases I really like the Rachel Comey patterns.

  7. Happy Anniversary. I have enjoyed your blog through the years, finding much insight. For me it is Donna Karan – I have several of her patterns and have used them often.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Claire McCardell is my favourite. I only have one of hers, McCall 4228, but if ever there’s a lotto win in my future it will be spent on collecting the rest!

  9. A well deserved Bravo! to you. … applause – 5 years! There was the series of licenced patterns by Isabel Toledo in Vogue Attitudes that was very interesting, of course McQueen for Givenchy, but for daily wearables I really like to sew the Tom and Linda Platt line. I am very much looking forward to reading PatternVault blog for the next five years.

  10. Congratulation on your anniversary. Your blog is such a fun read. As for designers, Issey Miyake had some pretty fun stuff.

  11. That’s a pretty tough choice, but if I had to take a survey, I’ve probably tied between Donna Karan and Claude Montana.

  12. I have a soft spot in my heart for Jo Mattli and Jacques Heim. So many classics in the Vogue Designer series…. How wonderful to be celebrating 5 years. Congratulations!

  13. I l Iike Donna Karen and DKNY designs so am sad to not be able to get those patterns anymore. I really enjoy your blog and have learned so much!!

  14. Congrats on five years! I used to love sewing with Leslie Fay patterns. That was at least 25 years ago! I haven’t seen one of her patterns in ages.

  15. Happy blogiversary! I’m a 70s fan, so my faves are Yves Saint Laurent and Halston, but Anna Sui has released some nice patterns, too.

  16. I only discovered your blog this year, but I love it! My favorite designer of all time was Pierre Cardin. I made a two piece outfit from 1960’s. It was the best sewing job I ever did, but sadly I did not keep it. The fabric was from a famous French house that began with B. Memory fails me. Please keep these coming

  17. Givenchy… oh yes!
    It’s great to discover all the other favorite designers of my co-commentors :))
    Happy Birthday, PatternVault et big bisous de France :*

  18. Congratulations on your blogiversary.
    My favorite is Edith Head even though she was a ‘costume designer’ she designed patterns for Advance and 1 or 2 for Vogue. I own several of them but have only sewn Advance 8048 and in a moment of pure crazy, converted the jacket to a knitting pattern; I no longer own the jacket but in typing this have decided to make another.

  19. Congratulations, I have so enjoyed reading your blog. My favorites are Diane von Furstenberg, Jean Muir, Halston, and Dior.

  20. I’ve really enjoyed donna karan and rucci. While looking at vintage patterns, I find myself really liking Claude’s jacket patterns. Vogue isn’t really providing nice jacket styles w/flair and difficulty.

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