New Page + Meetup!

This blog now has a ‘designers’ page:

The page is a handy index to all my posts focusing on patterns by a single designer. I have posts on Kenzo and Marc Jacobs in the works, as well as a couturier or two of the Twenties and Thirties. I would love to hear your suggestions for other designers you would like to see covered. (Lisa, I haven’t forgotten your Issey Miyake suggestion!)

I recently had my very first blogger meetup, with the fabulous Heather of Closet Case Files. Heather brings a designer’s eye and downtown art chick’s voice to her sewing blog. She’s proof that sewing can be cool—check out her finished projects, especially her border print chiffon caftan photographed in Cuba. Naomi and I had a blast meeting Heather and joining her for an afternoon of fabric shopping in Toronto’s fashion district. Her quest for the perfect red double knit took us into every shop I’d ever wondered about. We even found a couple things for ourselves—a pixel print satin and an apple green double knit—and, in the process, discovered the joys of deadline-free, in-person fabric browsing. Thanks to Heather for suggesting the meetup!

4 thoughts on “New Page + Meetup!

  1. You just made me blush really hard. Such kind, flattering words. As for designers… I would love to see some Cardin, Lanvin or Patou covered. I’m obsessed with their patterns form 60’s era Vogue Paris Originals…

  2. Hi Sarah, I’m a big fan of your blog and I always get excited when my reader shows you have a new post, I immediately race here to see which designer you will feature next. If I may make a couple of suggestions: I love some of the Vogue Attitudes patterns from the 90’s but I know hardly anything about some of the designers like Odile Lancon, Mariot Chanet or Byron Lars. I’ve recently seen photos of Michelle Obama wearing Byron Lars, but that is all I’ve ever heard of any of these three…

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