Stop the Traffic with Acrilan

It’s been a busy summer, and if you’re anything like me, you’re finishing up your summer sewing and preparing for fall. I’ll be posting some summer projects as soon as I have photos. In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this 1959 ad from Acrilan’s “For an Active Life!” campaign:

"Stop the traffic in your dress made with Acrilan" 1950s Advertisement for Acrilan with the slogan "Acrilan for an active life!"
“Stop the traffic in your dress made with Acrilan,” 1959 fabric advertisement.

(Acrilan was produced by Chemstrand-Monsanto; you can see more ads from this campaign here and here.)

The model is wearing Vogue 9469 made up in a wool/acrylic blend from Jacqmar. Could that be a copy of the June/July 1958 Vogue Pattern Book she’s holding?

A woman hails a cab while holding a dress form and 1950s Vogue Pattern Book

7 thoughts on “Stop the Traffic with Acrilan

  1. LOL, look at that kid’s pose! If that were real life, with a mother like that there’d have been a good chance that he’d have become a grand couturier ;-D

  2. Back in the 50’s a number of poorly designed chemise dresses poisoned the good ones. As a result the chemise became better know as the “sack” which lead to its demise by the end of1958.

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